Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is found mostly in the far north United States and Southern Canadian regions, particularly British Columbia. This wood contains the fewest knots of any cedar, and its durability is second to none. It also is also the most resistant to decay over time compared to other cedars. A benefit of using Western Red Cedar is that it comes from trees quite substantial in size which yields a wider range of lumber sizes, so it’s extremely versatile. Western red Cedar’s sapwood is almost completely white with only a slight pinkish brown hue with the heartwood being a little bit darker. This type of wood is the most popular choice in the Northeastern United States because of its solid and stable physical properties as well as sheer abundance. Western Red Cedar contains special oils that protect it more from the elements compared to other softwood species. Even when left natural and untreated, this wood looks wonderful, and if you choose to use a stain with your cedar application, the end result will be the best looking and most long lasting finished product. All of these positive attributes contribute to why Western Red Cedar is sometimes the only option when purchasing from distributors.