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6 Wood Fence Add-ons & Why You May Want to Add Them to Your Fence

Have you ever passed a wood fence with distinct features and wondered what those features were called or why they were there? Maybe you’ve noticed a unique fence and want to know the name of its particular construction style. You may even take to Pinterest to explore new fence styles and features to plan an upgrade for your home only to come up empty handed when searching for names

Five Common Fencing Standards that HOAs, POAs, and City Councils Enforce

  One of the most important things to consider before replacing your old fence are any developmental standards and bylaws that apply to the fences in your area. The last thing any homeowner wants is to pay for a new fence and then be told it needs to be rebuilt to meet a specific requirement. Most fence companies do their best to advise homeowners on common fencing rules, but it

Why You Should Stain Your Wood Fence

Protect Your Investment with the Best Stain for Fence: Wood Defender® Stain & Sealant Your fence is an investment worth protecting. It shades your yard, keeps your pets and children safe, and gives you and your family privacy when you want to enjoy your backyard. But as time goes on, nature will take its toll on your fence. The sun endlessly beating down on your fence will make it lose