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The Pool Owner’s Guide to Fences and Gates

As we previously mentioned in our Buyer’s Guide for Residential Iron Fences, there are certain state and federal regulations if you’re a landowner with a pool on your property, whether your pool is on residential or commercial land. In the State of Texas, it’s required for pool owners to install and maintain a fence and gate around their pool to prevent accidental drowning. The City of Houston

Texas Fence Buyer’s Guide | Commercial Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences may not be the most beautiful fences in the world, but they are a cost-effective way to fence large areas of land. From the fields and backstops of baseball games to the boundaries of parks and playgrounds, images of chain link are woven into the fabric of the collective American memory. Speaking of fabric, did you know that the idea for chain link fences originated in 1844 with

Texas Fence Buyer’s Guide | Iron Fences

Iron fences’ clean lines and stark black color have made them a popular choice for modern-day golf courses, pools, and homes in historic districts or near natural settings such as lakes, forests, and serene landscapes. However, the history of iron fences dates back thousands of years. Early ironwork originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3500 B.C., where iron was primarily used for tools and weapons to ensure survival. While it’