Brett D.
I wanted to mention that Gerardo and his crew did a great job with the fence installation. They were fast, clean and accurate. Everything was straight, even and level. I would certainly recommend him for future jobs.  As far as recommendations are concerned, I intend to recommend Texas Fence Company whenever asked.
Alice M.
Oh my goodness, the rep from the SDC referral was amazingly knowledgeable. Does this work every day! Company has done hundreds of gate moves and has a process. Just talking with him, he seemed head and shoulders above the two GC's I have dealt with to date. (Both of whom were extremely nice guys.) In my humble opinion, there was just an amazing difference in experience and knowledge of the process.  Thanks so much for that idea Stuart. Now I feel optimistic. Before I felt we could be getting into a real mess, with lots of surprises.  The company is busy but rep said that he is going to have something to the Bd to send to HC within the extension period "granted" in my conversation with the appraiser. Fingers crossed the company is as good as my impression! Thanks again for the suggestion to ask Ed.
Albert M.
They did a great job. Quote was competitive, showed up on time, completed in proposed time, called with any issues before they moved ahead with the project. They hit a sprinkler line which was not discovered until after completion and they fixed at no change. Very professional.
Valerie S.
Tammy,   the fence is absolutely GORGEOUS. Of all the work we're having done to our house and with all the issues associated with the contractors and poor quality we're getting left and right, the fence project has by far been the best in terms of timeliness, professionalism, and most importantly, the quality of work. We couldn't be prouder and it was the best $3200 we've ever spent. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for such a GREAT job. You have no idea how much that means to us. We've had a few people from other streets come by and ask us who did our fence. Since we're on a corner lot by the subdivision entrance, we get a LOT of traffic so the fence definitely gets noticed.
Gayle D.
Tammy, I LOVE MY FENCE!!!  Your fence is much nicer than some of the folks I've seen in the neighborhood.  The guys did quality work and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your patience with all of us getting together on this.  I thanked the 2 men who did all the work. I was expecting a crew of at least 4 guys and was shocked to see only the 2. What stamina in this heat. Just amazing.
Art P.
Tammy,  Let me know if I can help you out with references, They did a good, clean job, Very Impressed. Thanks.


And these are just a few!