Making a Difference

Village Schools International

Village Schools International partners with villages in Tanzania and Malawi to build schools in their communities. As of 2017, they have built 37 schools that provide education to over 10,400 students in Africa. Texas Fence is a proud supporter of Village Schools International and the opportunities they provide to those in need.

Visit to find out more about their mission and how you can help.

Compassion International

Compassion International releases children from poverty in Jesus’ name. They partner with businesses like Texas Fence to provide lifetime assistance to children in poverty around the world, from prenatal care to leadership development. Texas Fence sponsors 2 children through Compassion International’s program. If you’re interested in sponsoring children yourself, or know someone who is, visit

Coreluv – Defending The Orphan

Coreluv is a nonprofit organization that builds orphanages and creates community outreach and medical programs in Haiti. When we first found out about Coreluv and the amazing, hands-on work they’re doing for orphans in Haiti, we were moved. Coreluv’s dedication to finding passionate, skilled individuals to work directly with those that needed love and care inspired us to get involved. They took us to Haiti with them, and opened our eyes to real problems and solutions. Coreluv International is doing tremendous work, and we are honored that they invited us out to help.

Visit to see how you can Defend the Orphan.

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Child Legacy International

Child Legacy International’s mission is to build sustainable communities in Africa, where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. They achieve this in community by creating safe stable water sources, feeding and teaching farming methods, providing accessible healthcare services, and through education and training of marketable skills and trades to succeed.

Visit to learn more about their efforts and get involved.