Residential Fencing Done Right

Residential Fencing Done Right

At Texas fence Company we pride ourselves in providing only the best possible service for the fencing industry in the Houston area. Our major markets are residential wood fencing, residential metal fencing, custom fencing, commercial fencing and family fencing for apartment use or construction projects.  The goal of every one of our fencing project is to provide privacy, safety, and curb appeal. We work with our customers every step of the way to provide our Houston area customers the best possible bents solution for their needs.

Residential Fences

In the Houston area most residential fence is are constructed from wood. Normal wood construction can be done through single pickets or some cases referred to as planks. Another option for what new wood fence construction or panels in some cases the pickets alternate from side to side to provide an even look of your fence between you and your neighbors Home.

The number one reason people construct fences around their homes in the Houston area is for privacy and security.  But let’s be honest, curb appeal has a major factor in anything’s construction.  No one wants an ugly dilapidated fence surrounding their biggest investment, their home.  

Residential fences are not limited to wood fence solutions. In many cases we see homes that want ornamental iron fences. This as elegance as well as security to your property. An open iron fence can also be used to access gates, balconies, and railings and become a focal point to your home’s entrance. Custom fence designs are something that Texas Fence Company offers as a solution to help you find the correct fence for your home.

To increase curb appeal in some cases we have been known to add decks to masonry projects as well as incorporating them into outdoor kitchen projects.  Regardless of your fencing needs, Texas Fence is here to help you find the perfect sense to make your Houston area home feel safe but at the same time welcoming.

By: Texas Fence