Commercial Barbed & Razor Fences

Razor wire is a type of barbed non-electrified fencing that's used to provide perimeter security without the use of open wired, electric fences. Razor Wire Fencing can help you maintain your property boundaries with just one or two strands and will keep people (and animals) from passing through. GET FREE ESTIMATE GET MORE DETAILS

Our professional team is experts in installing razor wire as a protective fence measure.

Barbed wire does not require any electricity because its barb juts out at an angle and pierces the person who tries to push past it—or picks up their clothing or large tool belt on the way by. Texas Fence can create many Barbed Wire Fences, so don’t hesitate to call for more information today!

Razor wire and barbed wire are two different types of commercial barbed wire fencing. Our goal is to provide perimeter security and essential outdoor property protection for businesses of all sizes. From stores to farms, our products are constructed with various designs that make sure your space is well protected for both humans and animals.

Commercial Razor Wire Vs. Barbed Wire

  • Commercial chain link fence with razor wire: a type of fencing that has steel tape wrapped around it.
  • Commercial chain link fence barbed wire: a type of fencing with sharp edges that can be wrapped along its centerline.

Pros And Cons Of Commercial Barbed & Razor Fences

Bars, tines, and wire made of steel are the materials most commonly used for this type of fencing. The barbed or razor-type fence has a disadvantage in that it can catch on clothing when people try to climb over them, which may pose a risk of injury. In comparison with wood fences, construction is faster. They’re also more affordable than other types of fencing material without compromising quality assurance standards.


  1. Protection
  2. Versatility
  3. Cost-Effectiveness
  4. Quick-Installation


  1. Visually unattractive for some people
  2. May be a bit intimidating for visitors

Commercial Barbed & Razor Wire Fence Costs

The commercial barbed wire fence price for a fence with barbed wire on top can vary depending on the type you are looking at, but they typically vary per foot. To get a free estimate of the commercial barbed or razor wire fence installation, click here or call us at (281)807-7900.

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Don’t get Fenced In; Texas Fence also Builds Custom Gates

Complete your new wood fence with a custom gate. Texas Fence uses galvanized metal frames for all our wood gates to prevent the gate from sagging over time.

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