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Ever since the first day you put up your fence, it has been a part of your life. You might not have given much thought to maintaining that beautiful wooden border, but now is the time! GET FREE ESTIMATE GET MORE DETAILS

Over time, as dust and dirt accumulate on fences, the original color starts to fade away into gray or even black, depending on how dirty they are from years of wear-and-tear.

If this sounds like something you need help with, contact Texas Fence for commercial fence staining in Houston, TX. Our specialists have many types of stains and paintings available.

  1. Remove dirt and grime from your wood fencing
  2. Save you time by letting professionals take care of it
  3. Commercial cedar fence staining sprayer
  4. Enhance the look of your business’s exterior 
  5. Get help in two main ways: staining, and painting

Commercial painting fences after rain is a challenging task. It requires patience, physical endurance, and specialized skills such as using power tools to cut the brush for coats of paint on your new fence.

Commercial Fence Staining Cost

The cost for a typical 300 square foot project can depend on the commercial fence staining prices, the type of material you choose, and how much it costs them locally.

Now, if you were looking for “commercial fence staining companies near me”, or “commercial fence painting services near me”, you’ve come to the right place. To get a free commercial fence painting or staining quote, click here or call us at (281)807-7900.

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Have you been looking to deal with commercial-grade fence staining contractors or the commercial iron fence painting Houston? There are a lot of options out there, and not all will be right for you. Take advantage of this offer from Texas Fence!

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Don’t get Fenced In; Texas Fence also Builds Custom Gates

Complete your new wood fence with a custom gate. Texas Fence uses galvanized metal frames for all our wood gates to prevent the gate from sagging over time.

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