Commercial Vinyl/PVC Fences

Vinyl fences are great for residential homes, but they're not the best option for commercial buildings. If you're a business owner who wants the best for your physical store or office, then you know that active commercial vinyl fencing is the way to go. GET FREE ESTIMATE GET MORE DETAILS

 It’s built with thicker materials and has spines on its rails to add strength and durability.

Texas Fence is a fencing company that’s been around since 2003. We’ve built our reputation on quality work, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Our team has +17 years of experience installing and creating commercial fencing ideas in Houston.

Texas Fence offers fence installation services at some of the most affordable prices you’ll find anywhere in the area! Whether you need a new fence installed or want us to replace an old one, we can help with all your needs! If you’d like more information about our products, please call us today or fill out the contact form online now!

  1. Solid and durable commercial vinyl fences
  2. Get the best installation service for your business
  3. Affordable pricing with quality materials 
  4. Customer service excellence
  5. Saves you money over the long term

Pros And Cons Of Commercial Grade Vinyl Fencing

Disadvantages and advantages of commercial vinyl fencing? This service is an excellent choice for business owners because it is a durable and versatile solution for offices and stores.


  1. Attractive design for businesses of all kinds
  2. Low maintenance for commercial vinyl coated fencing
  3. Commercial vinyl PVC fence with high durability
  4. Simple installation (with Texas Fence)


  1. Easily deformed if not correctly installed
  2. It can expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate
  3. Vinyl fencing needs a more significant investment upfront (worth it)

Commercial Grade Vinyl Fence Cost

It depends on what type of vinyl you need. One might be a bit more expensive than another because it includes additional features like added pigment or better durability. Still, if you’re looking for basic colors and designs like the commercial-grade white vinyl fence, to get a free estimate, click here or call us at (281)807-7900.

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Texas Fence is the leading commercial vinyl fence company in Houston. You can call us now and get a free estimate of our commercial fence installation vinyl!

Don’t get Fenced In; Texas Fence also Builds Custom Gates

Complete your new wood fence with a custom gate. Texas Fence uses galvanized metal frames for all our wood gates to prevent the gate from sagging over time.

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