Fence Replacement Services

Fence Replacement Services Fences are an essential part of any house or property, but a variety of things can damage them. If you don't get them fixed on time, this could lead to more expensive issues later on. GET FREE ESTIMATE GET MORE DETAILS

Fence Replacement Services

The longer you wait to replace your fence, the worse it will become and the more it will cost you down the line. These costs can come in the form of unwanted trespassers, an escaped pet, or an unfriendly letter from your HOA.

You need a fence replacement in Houston that can help replace your fence quickly so that they’ll last for years without further problems. Texas Fence is one of the best options near you because it offers competitive pricing and reliable customer service.

  1. Quickly and efficiently replace fences
  2. Extend the lifetime of your fence with stain
  3. Highest product quality available built by experienced craftsmen
  4. Reliable, Friendly customer service you can trust

Types of Fence Replacement

Wood Fence Replacement

When your backyard privacy fence is damaged or well worn, it can be an eyesore and lead to security issues for you and your family. For homeowners like you, this privacy and security is critical to having peace and enjoying your property. Texas Fence offers the highest quality wood privacy fence on the market. We build our fences out of nothing but the highest quality Wester Red Cedar Pickets, and pressure treated pine posts, rails and rot boards. Not only is this the best looking fence, it is also the fence that will last you the longest and the only fence that deserves having the Texas Fence stamp of approval.

Iron Fence Installation

Whether you are building a new home, or replacing your well worn iron fence, iron fences are a popular option for many discerning homeowners. One of the benefits of iron is ensuring you maintain an unblocked view of your golf course, lake, or nature. With today’s powder coating techniques, these fences will last much longer than older styles of painted iron that tend to rust out in a matter or years. In addition, iron fences are more affordable than many think, and often comparable to wood fence prices.

Fence Replacement Cost

The cost of a replacement fence installation can vary depending on the type of material, style of fencing, and height. To get a free fence replacement estimate and more information, click here or call us at (281)807-7900!

Request Your Fence Replacement Quote Now

If you’re looking to get a quote for a joint fence replacement backyard or front, we must know what kind of repair will work best for you and why. We’ll consider factors such as budget constraints to provide an option tailored towards meeting your needs.

Don’t get Fenced In; Texas Fence also Builds Custom Gates

Complete your new wood fence with a custom gate. Texas Fence uses galvanized metal frames for all our wood gates to prevent the gate from sagging over time.

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