Residential Horizontal Wood & Privacy Fencing

Texas Fence offers residential horizontal fencing in Houston. It's a trending service in the area due to its ability to provide privacy while feeling relaxed and spacious at the same time. The optimum height for this type of fence is 8 ft tall, but they can be as low as 3ft or high up to 15 feet, depending on what you want from your backyard space. GET FREE ESTIMATE GET MORE DETAILS

This service is an excellent option for residential use. It also provides a functional solution that doesn’t require additional materials, such as brick columns, which will save homeowners money long-term! The horizontal board privacy fence has been sweeping across Texas homes lately. Many people opt out of traditional vertical styles because it creates larger visual lines. Still, the horizontal style brings elegance and privacy at the same time.

With a skilled team of professionals, the Texas Fence offers horizontal fences that are durable and visually appealing. Our experts have the experience and training to install your fence correctly with ease! Call today for a free estimate on the many options available to you.

  1. A robust and sturdy fencing solution that increases privacy with beautiful aesthetics
  2. Available in multiple heights and options
  3. No need to purchase additional materials like brick columns which provide a considerable cost savings long-term
  4. Customizable styles available

Residential Horizontal Fencing Designs

Horizontal Standard Fence

Picket fences provide some privacy, and they’re one of the cheapest installed options. Many people like the modern, clean look of this type of fence. If you prefer style over privacy, then standard-style/semi-privacy horizontal wood fencing could be the perfect choice for your yard.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

This horizontal board fence on a sloped yard, front yard, or backyard is one of the top horizontal privacy fence designs. It provides complete discretion and is the best solution for a yard with total separation. The boards overlap to cover any splitting line that may occur over time due to shrinkage in wood fibers, providing depth and creating an enclosure around your property, making it completely private from prying eyes.

Pros And Cons Of A Horizontal Privacy Fence

Privacy is probably the main benefit of a horizontal privacy fence. With all of our social media and technology, we are increasingly living out loud. Some people do not mind being seen at every turn; others crave some privacy from time to time. Many homeowners achieve this sense of peace while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space with a horizontal wood privacy fence for their yards.


  1. Contemporary design that can update an old property
  2. Horizontal fences may emphasize the size of your house
  3. It has a unique look, so it helps your home stand out
  4. No additional two-by-fours (stringers) required
  5. Less exposed board Less exposed horizontal board privacy fence


  1. It can make your house look smaller depending on its type
  2. Doesn’t necessarily fit every home
  3. Install it requires special training
  4. Less private

Horizontal Fencing Cost

The price of a horizontal fence varies depending on the height, length, and material type. However, it is important to know that you can expect different prices for big, medium, and small front yard horizontal fences as well as other horizontal privacy/backyard fence costs.

Even if a 3 horizontal fencing garden border or horizontal slat privacy fence is what your yard needs, we have the people and equipment to help you.

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Don’t get Fenced In; Texas Fence also Builds Custom Gates

Complete your new wood fence with a custom gate. Texas Fence uses galvanized metal frames for all our wood gates to prevent the gate from sagging over time.

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