Why You Should Stain Your Wood Fence

Why You Should Stain Your Wood Fence

Protect Your Investment with the Best Stain for Fence: Wood Defender® Stain & Sealant

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Your fence is an investment worth protecting. It shades your yard, keeps your pets and children safe, and gives you and your family privacy when you want to enjoy your backyard. But as time goes on, nature will take its toll on your fence. The sun endlessly beating down on your fence will make it lose its color and become brittle. Water and humidity will soak up in your fence pickets, posts, and rails, causing them to warp and weaken. And after about 5 to 7 years of enduring the sun, the rain, and the moisture, your honorable fence will start to fall apart.

One of the best ways to protect your fence and get the most out of your investment is by staining it every three years. Staining your wooden privacy fence will not only keep it looking nice as the seasons go by, but also lengthen its life. Instead of lasting only 5 to 7 years, a fence that is stained and sealed on a regular basis can last and look nice for 10 to 15 years, saving you money in the long run.


Why Texas Fence Uses Wood Defender® Stain & Sealant

When looking for a fence stain that would allow us to give our customers the quality and service they expect from Texas Fence, Wood Defender® was the best choice. The first thing that got us excited about Wood Defender® is that they’re a Texas brand. And as we started comparing their product with other fence stains and sealants, it became apparent that Wood Defender® puts just as much care into their product as we put in our fences.


Wood Defender® Offers Fence Stains for Both New & Old Fences

There are minor trade-offs when it comes to the longevity and aesthetics of different fence stains. Some fence stains are semi-transparent, meaning they have a high-pigment load, last longer, and slightly mask the texture of your wood fence. Then there are transparent wood stains that have a lower pigment load to protect your fence from darkening and discoloration but allow its natural grain to show through.

Wood Defender® offers both semi-transparent and transparent fence stains, and Texas Fence can apply either to your fence. We recommend a semi-transparent stain if your fence is already aged and weathered because it will hide all of the imperfections and discolorations in the wood. If you just had a new fence installed, we recommend a transparent stain, especially if it has clear grade, one grade, or two grade pickets. (You can learn more about different wood grades on our Get to Know Your Lumber Grades post.)


Unparalleled UV Protection

Wood Defender® fence stain and sealant is specially designed to protect your fence from ultraviolet rays. Just like you put sunscreen on your skin to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from burning your skin, Texas Fence can apply Wood Defender® to your fence to prevent those same rays from weakening your fence.


Seals Your Fence from Water and Humidity

In addition to protecting your fence from the sun, Wood Defender® also acts as a sealant and prevents water from soaking into your fence. Remember, your wood fence still has many of the same properties of a living tree in that it will soak up water, which is why fences can become waterlogged after a big flood. Wood Defender® prevents water from seeping into your fence, so your fence maintains its structural integrity.


Uniform Finish

Another quality we really like about Wood Defender® Stain is that it uses a special oil formula that actually penetrates into your fence’s porous surface and doesn’t leave a surface film like other fence stains do. Wood Defender’s® uniform finish leaves your fence looking nicer and provides for longer-lasting protection. It will also make it easier to re-stain your fence when the time comes.

*Note on using Wood Defender® over another fence stain:

If you are planning to stain your fence with a Wood Defender® stain and have already stained your fence with another stain in the past, you must powerwash your fence before we apply Wood Defender® fence stain. If the old stain is still on the fence, the Wood Defender® stain will not penetrate into the wood.


Products So Good, Wood Defender® Backs Them With a Warranty

Wood Defender® offers such unique, high-quality products that they are both backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Their transparent fence stain comes with a 2-year warranty while their semi-transparent fence stain comes with a 3-year warranty. Most fence stains need to be reapplied every two years, so the fact that they offer such extensive warranties on both of their fence stains means they believe they are the best fence stains out there. And they are. Like their slogan says: Nothing Else Compares

If you have a new fence, Texas Fence recommends applying a coat of Wood Defender® transparent stain two weeks after installation. We always use a chemical clean before we stain a fence with Wood Defender® fence stain to kill any mold spores that may be on your fence. Mold spores can still grow under a fence stain if it is applied while your fence still has living mold spores on it.


If you would like to protect your investment and add years to the life of your fence, contact Texas Fence and ask for us to apply a fresh coat of Wood Defender® semi-transparent or transparent fence stain today.


By: Texas Fence